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January Solforge draftcap

Pack 1: This is a fairly interesting pack. Netherscale is a great way to try and get the poison deck rolling. Scarab is a fine card for an Esperian deck. Oratek Explosions hasn’t really impressed me in draft as being anything other than a Heavy Artillery. Windreaver is one of the best cards to open, as is Broodqueen due to their sheer power level. Mimicleaf is just bad. I’m not in the mood to try making the poison deck and I’m feeling lucky enough that I can make Dysian happen, so Broodqueen. Windreaver is a safer pick and comparable in power level, but I did that in my last draft and want some diversity. Even if youcan’t proc the allied trigger Broodqueen does work.











Pack 2: And punished. Conflagration is a fine spell,  Explorer isn’t terrible but it’s not good either. Battlesuit is pretty bad. Razortooth Stalker is one of my favorite commons and Oracle is fine as well. I take Stalker and regret not taking Windreaver.











Pack 3: the RNG us just mocking me now. Siphon is bad if you’re not Dysian and Ghastly Renewal is pretty bad. Ambusher is good at trading but is fairly interchangeable beyond that, Titan is a bit more unique and a good card in its own right.











Pack 4: Spirit Torrent is bad, as is Ghastly Renewal. Mystic turns into a beater with minimal investment and is an easy pick here.











Pack 5: Ooze blocks twice, Kadars Colossus is one of many big level 2 creatures and is fairly interchangeable. Ooze is the pick.











Pack 6: Glacial Crush is a relevant card. Cinder isn’t what I want unless I”m in Oratek. 2nd Stalker is good and points this deck in a solid direction.  Spiritleash is I card I like when I”m Onxyium or Dysian given the density of small creatures you can get. Colossus is still meh and I probably don’t value Seal as highly as I should.











Pack 7: Steed is fine,the mobility and the fact that it gets massive are relevant. Host doesn’t do enough of anything. Fiend affects multiple lanes. Sparksoul is jmeh. Fiend is the pick easy.











Pack 8: Brute is very powerful by virtue of what he can do to the other creature you play than himself. Sorrow Harvester is bad unless you’re an abomination deck…which you can’t do anymore. Crypt Slime is ok. Titan would be nice to have a second of down the line.











Pack 9: Asir is such a marginal card. Wallbreaker is passable on the vanilla test and has a relevant, albeit, levelgated ability. Death Current has never impressed me.











Pack 10: Zombie is a creature, gets massive at level 3 and just does more than spiriteash.











Pack 11: Stampede doesn’t do a ton in this deck, or in general. Tremorcharge is pretty good, since it makes the Stalkers harder to deal with. Second Titan with Brute is nice. Brawler is a good aggressive card/underdrop. Harvester is the worst card in the pack Shambler is good, but a small step below the others. I take Brawler.











Pack 12: Spiritcleave is somewhat conditional removal. Pact isn’t doing much in this deck. I still don’t want Colossus. Beserker kills just about everything. Harvester is still bad. I take Berserker.










Pack 13: Shaman and Ambusher are the only two cards worth talking about and Shaman is strictly better.











Pack 14: Manticore is good, it picks stuff off, it puts pressure on the opponent. Organ Harvester is also a card I like, but I want to be more aggressive. Spider basically doesn’t do anything unless you’re ahead.











Pack 15: Carg Walker is exactly what this deck wants.











Pack 16: I basically never pass an Ebonbound,or any of the bound cards for that matter. While Brawler and Titan would be nice, I think I”m more likely to get them later than a Warlord.











Pack 17: I would happily take a Brawler or a Fiend but I have no spells and Conflagrate is a good one.











Pack 18: Wow, this is terrible. Primoridal is the only playable here.











Pack 19: Mystic is the only playable.











Pack 20: Chant, while not being amazing in what this deck wants to do, is at least a different effect, which isn’t nothing.











Pack 21: Burnout wins here cause i just want spells that let my creatures get in.











Pack 22: Rotfiend is the most powerful card here, although I would be happy with anything but warrior.











Pack 23: Brawler, not close.











Pack 24: Crush does the most here.











Pack 25: Asir gives me slightly more flexibility.











Pack 26: This is interesting, Evoker primarily makes my Stalkers more of a problem while Infernal Visage makes Brute and Titan more of a problem. I think Evoker has just a bit more upside though.











Pack 27: I would happily take this entire pack, but I can’t. So I’ll take the Barbarian.











Pack 28: Again, I want all of these sans the shock. Drake has more upside for this deck.











Pack 29: Well that’s a plummet in quality. Asir does the most.











Pack 30: Happily take another Crag Walker.











Round 1 was against an A/N deck that didn’t seem to draw that well and lost the tempo game in PL1 due to a Conflagrate on my part. 1-0

Round 2 was against an U/T deck that just ran over me.1-1

Round 3 was against an A/U deck that was just better. 1-2

Round 4 was against  an U/N deck that couldn’t handle a Stalker in PL2. 2-2

Well that went about as well as expected. Till next time.

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