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What I’ve been watching: Fall Equinox 2014 Edition

I like doing these kinds of posts every so often so I can just talk about a bunch of shows at once. Since the new TV seasons is in full swing as well as the anime season, seemed like a good time to do one. Let’s have it.

Gundam Build Fighter: This show is awesome, every aspect is top notch. The animation is good, the music is all kinds of sweet, the plot and characters are engaging. It’s also the most fun I’ve had watching anime in years. It’s not without its flaws though. While the gender politics aren’t terrible, there not great either. It’s not hard to present most of the female characters as being problematic, although the only one that I’m really on board with such a reading is Kirara for literally being a fake gamer girl in her first appearance. Also if I’m even remotely right about their ages then the relationship between Felini and Kirara is all kinds of creepy. There are a few other problematic scenes but nothing that really jumps out at me like that.

On the flip side, it does present a positive view of gaming by having gender just not really come up as an issue. A sentiment that is generally true when it comes to this show and gaming in the abstract. Overall, it’s in my top 3 Gundam series and I can’t recommend highly enough. The sequel series is also starting up this week I I’m not mistaken, so that’s exciting.

Aldnoah Zero: This show does just enough right that I didn’t drop it. While the characters are little more than clichés and the set up is somewhat reminiscent of UC Gundam, the action is good enough to keep me around. I like the mecha designs and I like the fact that each fight is a puzzle essentially. It’s a nice inversion compared to something like Gundam Wing and reminds me of the better parts of Gundam 00.  That being said, I’m not the biggest fan of the CGI or the music. If you’re just looking for something short and/or really like mecha then I’d say give it a shot, otherwise there are probably better things you could watch.

Bojack Horseman: Netflix’s latest original series is an animated series about a washed up horse actor in a word where anthropomorphized animals exist along people. On one hand, this is show is very funny, on the other hand it’s very bleak. I don’t use the term bleak here lightly, it is the single most depressing show I’ve watched. Your interest in depressing stuff should really determine whether you want to watch this or not.

Californication: The only reason why I watched this was because the tvtropes summary sounded interesting enough and I was looking for something new to watch. At first that wasn’t a mistake. It starts off alright, the music and the cinematography are the two things that really stand out to me in hindsight to be honest. As a whole the show quickly descends into a drawn-out, incredibly problematic, bad show.

Parks and Recreation: This show is still hilarious and heartwarming. Although this time around I found the Jerry humor to be somewhat off-putting. It just clashes with people who are by and large decent to hurl this abuse on someone who is also decent.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: This is my second time through the series. It’s a wonderful series and one of the best things to come out of the 90s. Having the foreknowledge of what’s coming next certainly diminishes my excitement of getting closer to the end though.

Babylon Five: I’ve watched it twice before so I know what happens. I’m just forcing myself through the fifth season, and I’d describe myself as someone who didn’t dislike the fifth season. It’s just that the show really drops off after the end of the Shadow War.

Defiance: Labeling this as something I’m watching is a bit of a misnomer. I gave up after the first three episodes of the second season. I wasn’t interested enough in being a devout viewer and the TV club reviews just dampened my desire to go back to it.

Legend of Korra: Now I know that I wrote that I was done with the series after season two; the praise that season 3 and now 4 was getting was enough for me to check it out. Season 3 is in fact much better than season 2 and is fun to watch. I wouldn’t call it good as there are still problems with it, just not the kind of problems that made me loathe season 2. Mainly in the villains are underwhelming from a narrative point of view and either they aren’t doing anything interesting with Korra or I just don’t like the character. Season 4 only has one episode out so far but it’s looking to be the most interesting yet.

That’s it for this week, next week is going to be another mystery post. Till next time.


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