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Best New Stuff of 2014

Well we’re into 2015 so that means looking back at the past year and figuring out what the best stuff from it was. If possible I’m going to restrict myself to stuff that came out in 2014 since that’s just more interesting in my opinion. If there are any categories that I feel like I should talk about and it’s about stuff I’ve discovered in the past year then I’ll talk about that a bit further down. Let’s get to it.

Favorite movie: Snowpiercer– I reviewed this movie a few months back and my opinion of it has only gone up. This is partly due to an increase of my general appreciation of it and partly because of the commentary I’ve read on it.

Favorite web series: Carmilla– This is basically what happens when you mix Buffy the Vampire the Slayer without Joss Whedon’s latent sexism, a moderately more restrained Welcome to Night Vale in terms of weirdness and I assume Veronica Mars(I never got around to watching it) It’s a really fun indie web series that’s easy to watch. The whole season is roughly an hour and a half, two at most and the individual episodes average out to five minutes.

Favorite game: 2048– In case you somehow missed this, 2048 is about adding blocks together to get to 2048. It’s very simple, very addictive and requires thought due to the element of randomness in it.

Favorite podcast: Constructed Resources- I talked about this two weeks ago so I’m not going to rehash anything here. It’s one of two podcasts I listen to that came out last year.

Favorite Live Action TV Show: the 100, if by virtue of the fact that I didn’t try many new shows this year. It’s not the greatest, but its fun.

Favorite Animated TV:  BoJack Horseman-Not only this is brilliantly dark and not so dark humor, it’s the only new animated series. All of the anime I’ve watched and liked came out in 2013.

I don’t have a favorite music related thing or book cause I didn’t consume anything that came out last year in those two categories. I can’t think of any other categories. Till next time

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