Review: Pokemon Origins

I grew up in the 90s and self identify as a nerd, it’s not surprising that I like Pokemon. Not only that, but Gen 1 has a special place in my heart, despite all of its flaws.  An anime that was more closely based on the games naturally piqued my interest. And for a variety of reasons I waited until I could watch the dub. Since openings are annoying and I have nothing else to say, let’s just get right into it.

What is it: Pokemon Origins is a four episode OVA that was based on the gen 1 games as a promo for gen 6.

Production Qualities: High, the animation is top notch with the fight being engaging. The thing that really stands out though is the music, it’s properly nostalgic.  The only downside is that the voice acting isn’t quite where you want it to be. On one hand, all the voice acting is well done, on the other hand it would’ve been nice if they could have cast some of voice actors from the anime for full nostalgia value.

Plot and Characters: This is based off the gen 1 games with their barebones plot. That being said it makes do with the source material in a commendable way. Same thing with characters, there’s enough characterization so that they actually are characters on some level. The worst thing is that the plug for gen 6 is underwhelming for lack of a better term. It’s a tad forced and not as cool as they wanted it to be.

Pacing: This is the one flaw I have to say about the series. it’s too short. It does everything so well but the pacing just becomes grating when it just leaves you unsatisfied. If this had been 12 or 25 or something along the lines of a normal season it would have been great.

Overall: I’d give it a B. It’s still solid and a good way to kill an hour and half.



Stuff I’ve been watching

Sorry for the delay, writer’s block is “fun” like that

From time to time I like to talk about the TV shows I’ve been watching and I haven’t done one since Korra wrapped up. Let’s get to it.

Parks and Rec: This wrapped up a few weeks ago but I haven’t talked about it in a while. Season Six had a meh first half, or it could just be that real life scheduling made it come off as weaker than it was in hindsight. The second half on the other hand was as strong as the series ever was. I’m eagerly waiting for Season Seven as a finisher for the show.

Mad Men: Nothing much to really say here. I’ve been rewatching it on Netflix. It’s still good and I’ll catch up when the first half of Season Seven is released on Netflix.

House of Cards: Season two is lacking in something that Season One had, but it’s still plenty entertaining to watch. The best way to put it is that if it had been a conventional release schedule I wouldn’t have been as enthused about it.

the 100: This is probably something you haven’t heard of, since it’s still in its first season and is on the CW. In a nutshell it’s post apocalyptic Lord of the Flies with some more conventional politicking shennigannery thrown in. So right off the bat,it’s satisfying a lot of my preferences. In terms of quality the first word I’d use to describe it is: competent, it isn’t stellar by any stretch but it does everything well enough. Also it refreshingly has a strong start, and out of nine episodes so far,there’s only one that I can point to as being particularly weak, and that was episode eight.

Just a note on Revolution, I gave up on that show early into season two when hate watching it became more of a chore when it was more boring than anything else. The fact that it got cancelled is good news in the Giancarlo Esposito can be in something better department, although by the time I quit the acting wasn’t a problem.

In terms of TV, that’s it. I haven’t really branched out to new stuff lately,  although Clone Wars is probably coming up soonish, as is the new season of Orange is the New Black. Otherwise it’s been a lot of Twitch streamers, primarily LoadingReadyRun along with an assortment of Solforge and Magic streams.

Till next time.