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What I’m Listening to: Podcasts January 2015 edition

I’m chewing on a few other ideas for posts so I figured I’d start this year off with something on the fluffy side: podcasts. One of the advantages of getting a smartphone is that I have a way of actually listening to them in an organized manner instead of the sporadic manner that I had before. So I figured I’d talk about what I’m listening to. Let’s get into it.

First, I’m on Android and use Podcast Addict. It’s free, you can pay to get rid of the ads and it does basically everything I want.

The stuff I can listen to can be broken up into the following categories: Loadingreadyrun, Music, Gaming, Other

Loadingreadyrun: They’re a Canadian sketch comedy group who put out an enormous amount of content on a weekly basis. I suggest checking them out and if you like their stuff listen to their podcasts.

  • Lrrcast: Their normal podcast where they talk about random stuff
  • TapTapConcede: Magic the Gathering oriented podcast
  • Temple of the Lava Bears: A Dungeons and Dragons campaign

Gaming: This is heavily biased towards Magic podcasts due to wanting to keep my podcasts down to a somewhat manageable level and networking.

  • Drive to Work: Mark Rosewater, the head designer of MtG, talks about topics related to his job on his drive to work
  • Limited Resources: Marshall Sutcliffe and guests talk about Limited. I don’t really listen to this given my general low interest in Limited but there are some good episodes nonetheless
  • Constructed Resources: Marshall Sutcliffe and Jon Loucks talk about Constructed Magic. Finding Constructed and Jon Loucks to be more interesting than Limited, I enjoy this one a lot more
  • Victory Conditions: Jon Loucks talks to his coworkers about game design. I’m really enjoying this but wish it was longer.
  • The Dice Tower: This makes me feel like I’m connected to a wider range of board games than I am in actuality and there can be neat things from time to time.

Music:  Apparently EDM is really popular as podcasts. While I like the genre I only follow two since at a certain point the music is very samey. They’re Group Therapy and Sound of Egypt.

Other: I couldn’t think of a better way to describe Welcome to Night Vale; which is a fake pubic radio show set in the town of Night Vale, where weird stuff happens.

That’s all I got for this week, if you have any suggestions feel free to suggest them in the comments with an elevator pitch. Till next time where I do another Solforge draft.


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