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Review: Ascension Rise of Vigil


What is it: A stand alone expansion for the Ascension deck building game by Stoneblade Entertainment wherein players use a new resource, energy shards, to win the game.
Great what does that mean: For starters, if you’re unfamiliar with Ascension in general then I suggest you go read my review of Chronicle of the Godslayer, found here. When it comes to energy shards, they give +1 energy and +1 card, meaning they replace themselves and don’t take up any space in your deck. These are used to active Energize ability on cards. There are Energy shards in the deck that when they appear in the center row are played out until a non-Treasure card is placed. Acquiring the card on top means you acquire the shards as well.
Scaling: You can now play with up to six people if you have another large expansion. I have no idea why you would ever willing do this. The game still handles best at 2, 3 is acceptable and anything beyond that is miserable to varying degrees.
Production quality: My only complaint here is that the plastic insert is different dimensions than the one in Chronicle and thus you can’t hold the starter decks separate.
What’s good: Energy shards are seamlessly integrated into the game, I’ve never felt like I’ve had a serious disadvantage in being unable to Energize. it adds a lot to the game and it’s all good.
What’s not good: Naturally this is more complex and keeping everything straight can be difficult.
Overall: 5/5. Ascension is still one of my top three games, and this expansion just makes everything sweeter.

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