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Solforge Core Set Review: Uterra

Final faction, let’s not waste anytime. Other factions can be found here and here.

Arboris, Grove Dragon

There’s enough life gain to keep him active and his level 1 and 2 aren’t unplayable without it. His level 3 is just straight up good.


Uterra removal. You’re not going to do any better.

Bramblewood Guardian

he’s good, he’s vanilla. You can do better.

Cavaderous Thicket

I’m rather underwhelmed by the poison creatures since I”d rather try to outpace the guys I’m playing htis to deal with and it’s just dead against armor.


Cavern Hydra

Like this guy. Decent stats, really good regen rate and if you pump him then he’s even harder to deal with.



His level 3 will still just end games. There are more ways to actually deal with him now though.


Clearly a build around card, good way to get value of out phytobomb

Deepbranch Ancient

There are two times when this guy will be relevant: you’re so far ahead that it doesn’t matter. Or, you have it filled with glass cannons and can use some beef. I think I prefer lifeblood dryad in this kind of role but it’s still decent.

Deepbranch Prowler

Hit them hard and hit them fast. Or try to stabilize a bit later on. This guy really drops in value the mroe you level him.

Deepbranch Bear Rider

Such a cool card, such bad stats.

Druid’s Chant

Lifegain is bad mmkay


This is powerful, this is also fair. If you have it, play it.


This is the metric by which I judge all pump spells. I does what it does very well and levels very nicely.

Ether Hounds

Good way to fill up your board

Fangwood Ravager

By Uterran Standards this is not that good

Feral Instinct

I like this as a 1 of in some decks cause it gives Breakthrough, which the Uterran surge does not.

Ferocious Roar

What do you when you have a board of scary creatures? Make them even scarier. It’s good

Frostwild Tracker

His stats are bad, but level 2 and 3 mean you get 2 creatures for playing him so it balances out.

Gemhide Basher

He usually trades off with problem creatures, which is exactly what you want and is something that Uterra has a hard time dealing with

Ghostscale Cobra

Still not a big fan of poison

Glowstride Stag

Best Uterran common in my opinion. Incidental life gain is awesome and his body isn’t that bad.

Grove Huntress

Gives some pump, gives a body, decent deal

Grove Matriarch

You’re not exactly happy to play this but it does serve as a good engine card for sacrifice/death, swarm and Cultivate decks.

Heart Tree

All of your creatures are now harder to kill. They’re also relying on something that’s relatively easy to kill. I would have a better opinon on this if I had any.

Hunting Pack

There is a 50/50 chance that is an inverse Ether Hounds. It’s less likely for this to be better and you should do better.

Leafkin Progenitor

This guy is awesome during PL1. Once you activate him he’s hard to deal with and then it’s not long before you get board advantage.  The only downside is that the later the game goes on the more likely they are to be able to deal with him easily.

Lifeblood Dryad

Decent on its own, pumps a full board and the pump is one of the bigger growths int eh game compared to level scaling.

Lifeshaper Savant

It’s a Shaper.

Lightbringer Cleric

It’s on par with Glowstride Stag.

Mossbeard Patriarch

It’s like Heart Tree but harder to kill and more limited in its ability.

Natural Selection

This is really hard to get to work. It might work in a deck that’s really dedicated to fill up the board.

Oxidon Spitter

Alloyin hate, you probably want one since it’s stats aren’t bad on their own either.


this is better than you’d think at first glance since there are a lot of ways to take advantage of it, ranging from ltos fo death for a GGD, to triggering every lane full stuff to Cultivate, to Dryad triggers.

Primal Surge

It’s a non-Alloyn Surge.

Restless Wanderers

3 of or bust.

Rootforged Avatar

Strictly better Prowler in mono-Uterra.

Runegrove Guardian

I’m not a big fan of when you level triggered stuff. At least the Tempys card is unique, this isn’t.

Shardplate Delver

He starts off smallish and then gets big if they don’t’ deal with him.  Good card.

Shardplate Mutant

Are 3 random cards out of your hand worth something that is at least a 2 for 1 and usually better/ Probably?

Soothing Radiance

This was better when it healed you as well and even then I didn’t really like it.

Spring Dryad

Building a deck around abusing this is viable to a certain casual/unheroic extent.

Swampmoss Lurker

It’s better than Fangwood Ravager

Talisin, Bard of Abundance

I like this guy in Alloyin/Uterra builds where you can hopefully skip his earlier levels and just get to the part where you overwhelm your opponent.

Toxic Spores

I liked this better when it was free and I like it more than the poison creatures since it can bypass armor and doesn’t feed grimgaunts.

Uterra Packmaster

He doesn’t buff as much and he doesn’t have as much health so he’s fair, but again still very good.

Wildwood Sower

Same deal as the other creatures that trigger off of spells. He’s probably one of hte better ones cause so much stuff cares about the tokens he makes.

Overall: Uterra has a lot of stuff going on, moreso than any other faction. I don’t think it’s the most powerful but it is the most meanigfully divers.






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