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What I’ve been watching

Instead of devoting weeks to talking about Korra and Revolution and other assorted shows, I’d figured I would just do it all in one week.

Beware of spoilers ye who enter for Legend of Korra and Revolution


Legend of Korra: I’m not really digging this season. The main plot is shrouded in mystery and I don’t find myself caring much for it. The characters who have received the most growth are Tenzin and Mako maybe; everyone else either hasn’t changed or has been sidelined (Asami). Unaloq was clearly evil, the background politics are unclear which needlessly muddles the waters and I keep finding myself wishing that I could watch anyone else other than Korra. I’ll keep watching it cause I want to like it, i really do, but right now it’s definitely the worst offering that the Avatar team has given.

Revolution: Anyone who has been following this knows I hate Revolution, I mean really hate it, except when it’s boring. When it’s boring i just stop caring.* Season two is two episodes in and it has basically decided to throw away most of the second half of season one like the season one did to itself and go off in a somewhat related direction. The result is less than thrilling since 1. having 3/4 separate plotlines is boring when I only care about one of them and 2. said plotlines basically dropped these characters into totally new situations that make it hard to care about. Still it’s being cathartic in being able to yell at it but there’s also the risk of I’ll finally drop this.

Parks and Recreation: It’s still good and it’s still early in the season. This is the first season I’ve watched where it wasn’t on netflix so it’s a bit different. I’m waiting for the overarching plot to feel a bit more cohesive as that’s the only gripe I have right now.

Attack on Titan: This just finished its first season two weeks ago.  It’s probably in my top five anime. The animation is top notch, the sound is great, the voice acting is acceptable** and the story is engrossing. The first episode or two is not an indication of the rest of the series as it’s not that good but quickly picks up from there.

Valrave the LIberator: I’m still watching the first season of this, even though the second season has come out. A friend described it as ‘M. Night Shymalan did Code Geass’ which is not a totally inaccurate description. Alternatively, not-US is at war with not-USSR/Nazis with the former invading not-Japan in order to acquire a vampire robot. On one hand this show is freaking pants on head crazy fun with the mechs being beautifully done. On the other hand, it done’s t have Code Geass’s season one element of tight narrative and fast pacing to keep you engaged. I’m hoping that’s more a matter of it still being in the beginning and not something that will plague it for the whole run.

Overall: I’m watching two things I like, one thing I want to like and Revolution. I don’t expect to get into anything else until I see how it shakes out.

*I actually didn’t finish the first season until the week that the second one came out cause the finale was just dull.

**i don’t know Japanese, I can’t really comment on voice acting in a language I don’t know.

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