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Review of Star Wars: the Clone Wars Season 1

As I mentioned a while ago, the second Clone Wars series is pretty awesome. I finally got around to finishing the first season and want to talk about it, so here we are. This is going to be a review more along the lines of my OITNB Season 2 review or The Honor of the Queen mainly cause it’s not so much a review so much as a discussion. Nonetheless, review is a catch all term these days so that’s what I use.


Favorite Stand Alone Episode: Ambush. Honorable mention: Rookies, Hostage Situation 

‘Ambush’ is a really strong episode not only because of its own merits but it gives the viewer a good idea what’s actually going to be covered in this show. Yoda gets to be cool all on his own and the idea of clones as people is fairly important to the episode. It’s opening the door of possibilities of what this show can, and will do in the future. Rookies gets an honorable mention for being my second favorite by a very narrow margin. It provides a different perspective and is really fun on top of that. Hostage Situation on the other hand showcases a different side of the show. It makes the Padme/Anakin relationship believable as well as build up the Palpatine/Anakin relationship as well as some stuff on the homefront. It does all of this through a Die Hard scenario, which is never a bad thing if you do it right.

Worst Stand Alone Episode: Trespass

This episode has one glaring flaw in it that drags the whole thing down: the villain is a moron. While the fact that he stuck to his principles is nice from a narrative point of view, it’s just dumb.

Favorite Arc: Ryloth Honorable Mention: Malevonce

Ryloth is a really good war story that showcases a lot of different things effectively. It’s own downside is that the political element doesn’t come up until the last episode and makes the ending seem way too neat. Given how this all ends it’s honestly surprising that the Republic didn’t go back on its word and keep a GAR garrison on the planet. Revisiting this plot in the future is something I’m hoping for. Malevolence gets an honorable mention again for being my second favorite but it’s very different. Whereas Ryloth shows the Clone Wars as sort of its own thing, Malevolence feels a lot closer to classic Star Wars.

Worst Arc: Nute Gunray Captured

This sequence of episodes is terrible for one reason: it beats you over the head with the show’s limits. Nothing can have a lasting effect cause we know what happens to these people and it’s not an interesting journey. In comparison Dooku getting captured is engaging and doesn’t belabor the inevitable hanging over the characters’ heads.

Most frustrating episode: The Hidden Enemy

The Clone Wars has to walk a very fine when it comes to the Clones. On one hand, it’s actually interested in making them actual characters instead of faceless grunts. On the other hand, they’re child slave soldiers. Making that second part the motivation behind a traitor is incredibly awkward at best. if the show is going to remind the viewer that the clones are child slave soldiers in the future,I hope it does so with more thought.

Most Surprising Character: Jar-Jar

Funny how a comic relief character isn’t as bad in a cartoon. It also helps that he’s allowed to be competent, or I suppose a better would be successful, in his own way.

Most Boring Character: Assajj Ventress

I think I’ve just hit a saturation point with her over the years. She does one thing, and from a narrative/visual point of she does it well. It’s just meh. The most I can hope for is that her fate is different than what we already have.

Character I want to see more: Ahsoka Honorable Mention: Cad Bane

Ahsoka’s story isn’t complete and she’s the one variable the show has to play with. Not only that but she’s not a bad character in her own right. Cad Bane gets an honorable mention cause he’s a hyper-competent mundane who wins against the Jedi and i know he’s in the first arc of the second season.

Things that annoy me for no good reason: The Separatist Alliance

It’s the Confederacy of independent Systems.


That’s all the specific thoughts I have about the season. Overall it’s strong but there’s only so much to talk about. Join me next week when I talk about the latest deck building hit, Star Realms.


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