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Some thoughts on modernish Star Wars stuff

Before I begin this week’s post proper, I just wanted to commemorate the double milestone. First, this is my 100th post on, which is exciting. Second, I’ve been doing this blog for two years. Boy does the time fly. Thanks to everyone who has been reading these past two years, I’ve had fun writing and plan on doing this for many years to come.

As you can see from the title, this week I’ll be talking about Star Wars. The reason I’m not more specific than that is because this post is going to be a bit of a meander. There are a few relatively disparate things that fall under this umbrella. No sense in wasting time with an intro that says even less than usual so let’s get right into it.

First some background so you all know where I’m coming from. I love Star Wars and a part of me always will. I grew up with the PT in theatres and the EU. While I was a huge Star Wars fan in my teenage years because of the EU this interest died hard and fast around the time of Legacy for a number of reasons. I know that this doesn’t apply to a lot of people and given the big tent involved in being a Star Wars there are no doubt people who just nodded their head in agreement or cringed. That doesn’t really matter, only that it makes sense for me to present my background before I go any further.

Star Wars the Clone Wars: I just started watching this and so far I’ve been really impressed for the most part. While the movie was a terrible mistake that should’ve just been four episodes, it was still entertaining and the series proper was a lot better. In a lot of ways it’s pretty comforting in how familiar a lot of it is. Part of this is due to the quality and how it gets the uniquely Star Wars things. A large part of this is in a big supporting cast with plenty of different Jedi. Star Wars EU in a lot of ways was about filling in and filling out the universe that the films presented for better or worse. I’m still not really sold on Ahsoka in that while I get that she’s meant to be a foil/audience identification tool for the target demographic, the first one wasn’t really that needed. The EU showed that Obi and Anakin had a good relationship and they played off one another pretty well. I’m not going to comment on the audience identification part cause that doesn’t’ really apply to me. Overall I still think it’s kinda weird to introduce such a pivotal character who doesn’t get mentioned in Revenge at all.

While I did say that I find Clone Wars to be comforting, it’s relation to the canon that I know is probably the worst part of it for two reasons. First, side and minor characters are an important way to present threats whose fates aren’t locked in by canon. The repeated dangling of capturing Dooku, Grevious et al is getting old really fast. Second, so what else is considered canon? Mainly this question relates to the first Clone Wars cartoon. While I find myself remembering more of the finer points of the EU canon then I’d expect after all these years, I’m not really bothered by the fact it’s been invalidated, just more curious about the stuff that would presumably have a higher priority.  Also cause I can just take the mindset of comics and mash all the good stuff in my head anyway.

Star Wars Legends: This was the best possible outcome for what was going to happen regarding the Disney takeover and the EU. It keeps the old stuff in print and gives it a respectful name and pasture to graze on. Mainly since no one would in their right mind would use the convoluted mess that the EU had become. Let’s remember that they commissioned a book just to clean up stealing the first Death Star plans and there were 2 or 3 different run ups to the Battle of Coruscant somehow. All of the new stuff should mine the EU for inspiration and build on it, stand on the shoulders of giants.

The new films: While I hate JJ Abrams’ Star Trek reboot that doesn’t inherently mean the new trilogy will be bad. I’m keeping an open mind and I’ll wait to see it to pass judgment.

Rebels and other stuff: I’ll probably try Rebels if/when it’s on Netflix if for no reason then I’ll just want to watch something new at some point. Book are a lot less likely given that in general I need to be more selective about my disposable income then when I was in high school and there are a lot of other things I value more highly.

A lot of this can be summarized as live and let live I guess.  In general it’s a pretty good attitude to have towards fandom and media. Maybe one of these days I’ll use a blog post to go down the lane of the EU. Anyway, until next time.



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