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Cut the Crap

There have been plenty of opportunities for me to write this post, or something similar to it in the roughly 18 months since I started this blog. There was always something else that I could write about and thus dodge the bullet so to speak; for reasons I can’t articulate all that well. But given yet another incident related to this issue and it being the holiday season now is a good a time as any. “What is that topic?” In a nutshell, it’s about how the gamer community is infested with privileged assholes. 

I’ll make the main thrust of this brief: to all of you misogynistic,racist, homophobic, transphobic and just plain assholish cretins. Either grow up or get yourself a new hobby. I hate the fact that we share the same hobby, I hate the fact that you’re the loudest and become the face of the hobby. I hate that the hobby that took my mind to new places, away from the incestuous little suburban town I grew up in, exhibits the same exact shit. No seriously, either grow up and learn how to treat people with basic human decency or get out. To everyone else, welcome! Do what you like, just don’t expect me to find that exact same thing fun.

What prompted this? The announcement of PAX’s Diversity Lounge. Now, I’m not really going to into this because everyone else has discussed the issue at length and some people have done it far better than I can without plagiarizing them. The point being, the fact that this kind of thing is progress at all is sad. 

Happy Holidays. In all likelihood this is my last post for 2013, so see you all next year.


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