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Why I like building bad decks

Playing Standard Pauper and Classic Pauper on MTGO has the advantage of the cards are cheap for the most part* which makes building new decks easy.  As a result, it’s rather easy to make decks and play them casually. the thing is that the decks I build are bad, I know that they’re bad and I still use them anyway for two main reasons.

First, netdecks are boring, I don’t learn anything, or rather what I do learn is smaller in comparison. Netdecks don’t help me grow as a player.  I will take netdecks and modify them though, but I hate copying a list card for card. using a netdeck just feels like I’m looking at the back of a book for the answer instead of figuring it out myself. in this case, the question being, ‘what’s a good deck in this meta’ or alternative ‘ what kind of deck can I make to do this thing or with this card?’**

Second, I do actually learn more about the game, toying around with a junk simic ramp deck has given me a better idea about how ramp decks work in general. Or rather are supposed to work at least.  By doing this in primarily standard pauper(the fact that WoTC has made it a supported format means it’s so much easier to find games now)  it enables me to have access to the entire card pool with ease. I highly recommend standard pauper as an entry point to new players as its a great learning tool.

I don’t make bad decks cause they’re bad, I make bad decks cause I don’t know how to make good decks and I figure that as is true in many games, I ‘ll understand it more by playing then just theorizing.  So far, this seems to be true, I just have to keep at it.


*Standard pauper is incredibly cheap and the expensive cards in classic pauper aren’t auto includes in every deck, limits your options but still allows you to do things.

**Anyone have some idea for standard pauper that involve Gnaw to the Bone? The only ones I could think of have uncommons as being key pieces.

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