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Steam Summer Sale: I survived

Before getting on with this week’s post, I just want to take a moment to say that my prayers go to the victims of the Colorado shooting. 

Another Steam sale has come and gone, and the above picture has been shown to be true for a lot of people again. For those of you who don’t know, Steam has sales where prices are reduced to a point meant to engender en masse impulse buys to make money. It works, really well, contrary to what David Demartini claims, this approach actually doesn’t cheapen IP but brings in people.

The big thing is that people like the Steam Sales, they know when to expect them more or less and buy things. It opens up impulse buys and those who are on a tight budget to buy games. Once you’ve bought something then you’re using the interface and are going to be aware of the next sale; encouraging future sales. In short, it’s building a base of buyers. The reason why this works is because of sheer numbers; by lowering the prices to such a point that enough people are going to buy it. Everything I bought I only bought because of how cheap it was.

David Demartini is free to think whatever he wants and use that to plan his business strategy, but that kind of mentality means I won’t be a customer because I can’t afford to be one. What little money I have for gaming I have to maximize and Steam Sales allow me to do that. I’m not the only one in that position and there are people with bad blood towards Origin to begin with. I’m also willing to admit that Origin is still young, so time will tell how the whole thing plays out.  As this however, this is a part of the problem I was talking about last week in that EA’s PR is kind of terrible at actually encouraging me to buy their stuff and like them as a company.

On a personal note I picked up the following: Crusader Kings II+Sword of Islam, Binding of Isaac+Wrath of Lamb, Galactic Civilization II Ultimate Edition and Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition.  GalCiv 2 and F:NV were the two things I was really looking forward to and grabbed them. I didn’t expect CK2 to go on sale but since I was really looking forward to it since I was a fan of the first one and in general a fan of Paradox. BoI I picked up because it was less than two dollars and the demo was fun enough that I figured I would get 2 dollars worth of entertainment at the very least.  So far I seem to be right about that; although BoI has gotten me thinking about it as a game, so expect a post about it in the not so distant future.

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