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MTG Pauper Deck Idea: R/G Humans

Pauper is a primarily MTGO based format where you can only use commons, specifically cards printed as common on MTGO. Which means no Hymn to Tourach for example. It’s also the only Constructed format I play since it allows me to use most of the cards I draft and most things are rather cheap and it’s possible to trade with bots for some good cards with draft junk.

Avacyn Restored gave us some good red humans, specifically Riot Ringleader but to a lesser extent Kruin Striker and Thatcher’s Revolt. The block as a whole also gave us some good green cards like Young Wolf and Hunger of the Howlpack. My idea was to use the cards I already had to see if I could build a R/G deck that took advantage of Riot Ringleader being one of the few lords in Pauper and beat my way to victory. The result so far? It works to a certain extent but it’s clear that there’s more work that needs to be done. This was mostly built with the cards I already had and some trades I could manage with bots.

The Deck:


9x Mountain

10x Forest

3x Terramorphic Expanse

I keep tweaking this but I still tend to either get flooded or screwed on mana. This being the first deck I’m building from scratch instead of compiling together from primers I’m not really sure how to make a good mana base.

1 drops

2x Geistflame

2x Hunger of the Howlpack

1x Ranger’s Guile

2x Abundant Growth

4x Skarrgan Pit Skull

2x Somberwald Vigilante

4x Young Wolf

The Geistflames are for triggering bloodthrist, spot removal, and a bit of reach by going for the dome. The Hunger of the Howlpacks are meant to take advantage of the tokens being created from Thatcher’s Revolt get sacrificed and trigger morbid. The Ranger’s Guile is a counter against creature removal, I should probably increase it, but I’m not sure what to cut. The Abundant Growths help with color fixing and cantrip. Skarrgan Pit Skulls are solid value creatures. The Somberwald Vigilantes are literally the only cmc 1 human printed in green or red and I had two of them. The young wolves are also solid and help with my curve.

2 drops

1x Gruul Signet

4x Kruin Striker

2x Timberland Guide

The signet is fixing, anymore than 1 is awkward I’ve already found. Kruin Striker gets big from its ability and counters and ideally pushes through for the win. Timberland Guide in theory is meant to pump my other creatures but isn’t working so well in practice, I’m not sure what to replace him for.

3 drops 

4x Thatcher’s Revolt

3x Brimstone Volley

2x Borderland Ranger

1x Fervent Cathar

4x Riot Ringleader

Thatcher’s Revolt and Riot Ringleader were part of what inspired me to make the deck and are kinda of the core idea. Brimstone volley is because I don’t have Chain Lightning  or Lightning Bolt. Sometimes I’m able to cast it with Morbid active and it’s worth it; but it’s not the most efficient spell I could be using; just the most efficient I have. Borderland Ranger is to help with mana. Fervent Cathar stopping a creature from blocking is a good way to push through enough damage to win.

What works: In general I’m relying upon quality creatures and some synergies to maintain pressure and beat down on the opponent.

What doesn’t work: The manabase, I’m not convinced that I have the numbers right and the Gruul bounceland would almost definitely help. There are better cards that I could be using as mentioned above, and I need to do something about my curve, too often I find myself with a bunch of three drops and unable to meaningfully impact the board.

What I need: Better burn, bouncelands,  improve my mana curve, sideboard(I don’t need this right now since I can just play single games instead of matches)

Overall I think there’s a decent deck here that can be built if I get the right pieces, and while I know what some of the pieces are, there are some others that I don’t since Pauper is an eternal format and I started playing last October.

Thoughts? Recommendations?

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