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The value of Good Gamng

Someone on Twitter shared this article and it got me thinking for a few different reasons. First, it’s a good article. Second, the comments were honestly a bit alien to me in that the line of thinking in the article is something that I take for granted. Third, while it was focused on the value of board games in relation to business, there are other points that are a bit more general and still valid. Again as this is one of my more theory based posts it’s important to point out the assumptions I’m making; fortunately I’ve already explained my assumptions in this post, go read it, it’ s not long. So let’s not waste any time and get cracking.

Games make you think: They have rules you have to learn, understand the interaction of these rules and how to operate within them for maximum efficiency. This is something that gamers do for fun, it keeps the mind sharp and open to new ideas.

Games are social events: Playing games is a good crash course in how to learn to interact with people. If your’e pleasant people will want to play with you again, if your’e not then don’t be surprised that you never hear from people.

It’s a good way to actually learn teamwork: Just about every group project I ever had to do in school was pointless and didn’t teach me much of anything in how to function as a team. Co-op board games that don’t degenerate into follow the leader have actually taught me how to work in a team setting.

These are some additional points that weren’t covered in the Forbes article that I could think of without retreading any ground. If you have any other points then leave them int the comments. Until next time.


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