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Best of 2015

Well it’s a new year, so that means it’s time to look back on the Best of 2015. I’ll be looking at a number of categories where there were at least 2 competitors and talk about it for a bit. Also as a general rule this is will be stuff that came out in 2015, not what I discovered in 2015. You know, what one would expect from a ‘best of’ post. Let’s not waste any time and jump right in.

Best Album: All Hands by Doomtree-Ever since I was introduced to Doomtree via their appearance on Welcome to Night Vale, I’ve been a huge fan. Everything that I enjoyed about their previous album, No Kings, is here: crafty, politically aware wordplay set to an energetic beat/rhyme that’s different.

Runner Up: Positive Songs for Negative People by Frank Turner. I just like more songs on All Hands.

Best new TV show: Sense8-Whille Sense8 is a very mixed show. On one hand, it does a lot of things right. On the other hand, its diversity and presentation leaves much to be desired. That being said, the show is interesting (both in narrative and cinematography) and is the show I’m most looking forward to in 2016.

Runner ups: Master of None, Marvel’s Jessica Jones, the Expanse. All of these either had more elements that grated on me while I watched the show or they’re too new.

Best continuing TV show: Parks and Recreation- The final season was an unabashed victory lap for characters that we had come to know over the past seven years. While the rough parts of the season really showcased that the show needed to end, those parts could be overlooked for what amounts to uplifting, optimistic fanservice.

Runner Up: The 100. The only other show that fits the category.

Best Movie: Mad Max: Fury Road-No one expected Fury Road to gain the critical acclaim that it did, but it did and for good reason. At the film’s core is a very well done action movie. But more importantly than that, it’s smart. The worldbuilding, characterization and the way in which the film addresses issues such as disability and feminism are engaging.

Runner Up: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This just barely lost out as I felt the action scenes were tighter in Mad Max.

Best Podcast: Girlfriend Bracket-Four women talk about competitive Magic: the Gathering and other related topics. It’s a hang out style podcast with cool people.

Runner Up: Qwerpline, Fight the Future. The former is LoadingReadyRun doing Welcome to Night Vale, except more over the top and no weather. The latter is a review of YA dystopia.

No games or books since I’m currently working through my backlog. Next week I’ll be talking about/reviewing Star Wars: the Force Awakens. Till then.

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