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R.I.P. Satoru Iwata

Originally I had planned to write a short memorial for Satoru Iwata and then look back at who he was as a springboard to talk about other things. However, I’ve been staring at a mostly empty document for the better part of the week unsure how to bridge those two things. While this may not be the most timely post anymore, I decided to shelf the ideas about video games for another post.

Satoru Iwata’s passing was surprising for many reasons. The first of which was because I didn’t know who he was, but the outpouring of sadness and remembrance on the internet served as a good crash course and had me joining in. This was a man who not only played a major role in making some of the games of my childhood, but was a genuinely decent person who loved what he did. His passing made the toxic world of videogames dimmer. He was a gamer at heart and thought that video games needed to be one thing, fun. Beyond that there really isn’t anything worth saying. Thank you Iwata.

In light of altered plans and how short this post is, I hope to have another pot up this discussing violence in video games in the context of Fallout: New Vegas. Till next time.

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