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Solforge Draftcap no. 5

I don’t have an intro, let’s just jump into it shall we?

Pack 1: This is not the most exciting first pack. Uranti Heartseeker does basically nothing. Fervent Assault and Rite of the Grimgaunt are both nifty spells but aren’t that exciting to me at this point. Crypt Conjurer is just a big body with marginal upside in draft.Esperian Steelscale is not that good and pushes me towards A/U which isn’t really where I like being in this format. Oratek Battlehammer seems good and I haven’t played with him, so he’s the pick.













Pack 2: This pack, while not underwhelming, isn’t quite what you want to see. Both Seal of Tarsus and Chistlehearth Archer are fine cards but given the Battlehammer I already have I want to lock in Alloyin. Ether hounds really shines in the decks that want it but is less than stellar in the decks that don’t by the way. My only two choices are really the Tower Scout or the Tundra Watcher,which are both subpar. I think I’m underrating Tundra Watcher based upon comments others have made but I haven’t really been inclined to challenge that assumption or had it challenged. Tower Scout doesn’t have the same dearth of stats and has mobility, so I take him.













Pack 3: Razortooth Stalker is far and away the best card here. The robot is fine but needs pump to shine, the yeti is just bad and Steelwielder Medic is clunky. 













Pack 4: Instigator is insane with his good stats and super relevant ability and one of the main reasons to go A/T at all in draft, so it’s a snap pick here. Crag Walker is the second best card but Primordial isn’t bad in the right deck.














Pack 5: This is what you’d expect the end of a pack to look like. Metamind Explorer doesn’t do enough as a card. Windcaller Shaman at least has a better body and an ability that isn’t irrelevant, even if he is a must level. Take the shaman.













Pack 6: Well this is stacked. Instigator, Burnout and Citadel Guard are all cards that stand out to me. The other half just isn’t on the same power level. That being said, Guard is my pick and I don’t think it’s that close. Already having one Instigator and no pay off makes the second one incredibly greedy. Burnout is good, especially since I don’t have any spells but it doesn’t beat out Guard.













Pack 7: Cerebral Scout and Apyocramcer do varying degrees of nothing. Talin Stampede is a finisher, albeit not a great one. Nargath Bruiser and Filedmarshall are both good, they impact multiple lanes and play to the board. While Bruiser might be the better card, I want my Battlehammer to actually trigger its Allied ability so I take Fieldmarshall.













Pack 8: I don’t want a second Windcaller Shaman. Sparkbrand Asir can get in those last points of damage but it’s not something I actively want. Firemane Steed gets massive, which isn’t nothing but it’s first two levels are fairly bad. Tremorcharge is a very versatile spell and the pick.













Pack 9: Cypien Shieldwarden is highly institutional but that does mean there are times when he can pull his weight. Stone Brand is just bad, I don’t want a pump spell that only targets Defenders. Cinder Colossus is a fine pick up for the Instigator plan.














Pack 10: Forge Guardian Alpha is close to everything I could want and reasonably expect out of a card. it’s Alloyin and it combos with Instigator.  Uranti Warstoker is just bad in comparison.












Pack 11: Thundergale Invoker is cute, he can enable some cool stuff but without a mobility lord he’s not that impressive. Cloudcleaver Titan is a fine card, moreso now with his health buff. Flamestoke Shaman is still solid. Jet Pack is still really good, it’s close to being a second copy of Instigator and can just finish the game on any creature. Seal of Anvillion is the second worst seal cause it only buffs attack. Jet Pack is a windmill slam.













Pack 12: Runestorm Primordial is the worst Consistent creature by a healthy margin. Cinberbound Barbarian is really good, all of hte bound cards are very powerful and there’s little that I take over them in general.













Pack 13: Seal of Kadras is the wort seal since its first two levels basically don’t do anything. Glacial Crush is always a nice card to have access to. Oratek Battlebrand is really powerful and easily the pick here.













Pack 14: I’ve never been in a position to actually figure out if Cypien Steelgraft does enough, but I’m inclined to say no. Sap is one of the better ways A/T has to respond to stuff like Seal of Deepwood and makes the cut for it.













Pack 15: Neither of these cards are any good but Scout might give me more incidental value than Peacekeeper.













Pack 16: Digitize is so hard to get any value out of. Urnati Icemage can be good, but with no Warlord, Wallbreaker or Glacial crush it isn’t this deck. Spiritfrost Shaman passes the vanilla test and has an ability that’s pure upside, easy pick.













Pack 17: Anvillio Enforcer really drops off in quality if ou can’t abuse his armor. Nanoswarm is good, but I can’t think of that many creatures whose abilities I want to turn off in draft. Jet Pack is sweet as always but a second one is a tad questionable. Steelskin Spelunker got a buff and is now not embarrassing to play. I’ll give him a chance.













Pack 18: This is a close one. Both Forge Guardian and Shaman are exactly where I want to be as already established. Forge Guardian gets the edge, however slight, cause of Allied trigger considerations. And because I got ahead of myself, there’s no picture of this pack.


Pack 19: Onxyium Marauder is incredibly underwhelming without the Allied trigger. Aetherforge Oracle has a fine body but his ability is incidental. A second Jet Pack seems pretty good with 4 Defenders so I’ll take it.













Pack 20: Ugh, this is exactly the opposite of what I want. Two spells that are fairly poor. I take Digitize cause of allied considerations.













Pack 21: Power Torrent is bad, it doesn’t do enough to justify a card. Cinderflame Mystic is solid, A second Citadel Guard is exactly what I want and gets in no question.














Pack 22: A third Forge Guardian doesn’t seem right, but I could be wrong. I don’t really want to take more spells at this point either. So that leaves Crag Walker or Umbruk Lasher. It’s basically a question of whether a point of health or a point of power is more relevant. I’m inclined to thin that the power is so I take the walker.












Pack 23: I don’t want more spells and Wallbreaker Yeti is a good creature, easy pick.












Pack 24: I still don’t want spells so Fireman Steed gets in.













Pack 25: Fine, I’l take a spell, Conflagrate is better enough than Kadras Colossus that it’s not as awkward as it could be.













Pack 26: Borean Stormweaver is a solid card. Metatransfer is something I like maybe more than I should. But there’s a Cinderbound Barbarian in here, so nothing else really matters.













Pack 27: Ironbound Reinforcements is awesome and doesn’t beat out the rest of these cards.













Pack 28: While Brawler is a fine underdrop, technognome is good in its own right and I just want to shore up the Allied triggers.













Pack 29:Frostshatter Strike is a powerful spell and it’s the best card here. I don’t want windcaller shaman due to the number of must levels I already have. This is cutting it close on having too many spells but it’s a risk worth taking.












Pack 30:  And rewarded, kinda. Peacekeeper is not only a creature but Alloyin so I can’t ask for more.













This has powerful stuff going on, it isn’t the most consistent deck by a wide margin. There are a fair number of draws that can just straight up kill me. Here’s a summary of the games:

Game 1 was against an aggressive N/T deck that I managed to stabilize against with big Defenders and Jet Pack’d for the win at the beginning of PL 5.

Game 2 was a mirror match. Only my opponent was a lot slower and I was a lot luckier as I leveled a bunch of cards off of Warhammer and Battlebrand to end the game mid PL 3.

Game 3 was against an U/N deck that had Sporelor and Seal of Deepwood a.k.a. the deck to beat in the format. I folded like a wet paper towel and died at the beginning of Pl 3.

Game 4 was against a spell heavy, aggressive A/U deck. This was the closest game of them all due to the quality of threats he was playing. The problem for him was a combination of luck on both of our parts and my late game just being better. Won the game in earl PL 4.

Overall this deck performed better than I expected, the bad draws didn’t show up that often and hte sie of Citadel Guard and Forge Guardian was enough to stabilize from those stumbles. All and all it was fun.

Next week…not sure. Till next time.













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