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Solforge Draftcap no. 3

I haven’t done one of these in a while and I ended up with a pretty sweet deck last time. So let’s not waste any time and get right into it. Just a heads up that if you haven’t read either of my first two, i have a style of only discussing a card once, when it first comes up.

pack 1: This isn’t a particularly deep pack. Firestorm and Static Shock are varying degrees of bad. Restless Wanderer is a below curve vanilla creature with some upside. Aether Root is probably bad due to its reliance on spells and just dying to Blight Walker et al. So that leaves Ebonskull Knight and Fleshfiend. Knight is a sweet underdrop and was tempting since I don’t have a playset, but Fleshfiend is still super solid,so I go with that.












pack 2: Cull the Weak is still meh. Glacial Colossus is fine but locks me into Tempys which is a total crapshoot. Scavenger Scorpion is a meh underdrop and only has much value if  I want to try and force abominations. Deepwood Prowler is also a meh underdrop but places me into Uterra, which on paper is really solid but never works out for me. Cypien Augmentation is super powerful and places me into Alloyin, which I’m always happy with.












pack 3: Nether Embrace and Energy Surge are varying degrees of unplayable, so that leaves the two creatures. Aegis Conscript is okay but only shines when you have a Voltron to protect whereas Death Seeker is solid.












pack 4: These are all decent creatures. Grave Ghast is fine but is better when paired with Uterra with all the pump. Forge Guardian Alpha can be powerful if you get a Jet Pack, which at this point is getting to be a pretty big if due to the growing card pool. Nyrali Ooze is just another variation of two bodies for one card. It makes stuff like spiritleash and corpse crawler better and is an easy pikc up here.












pack 5: Tower Vanguard is bad, Aegis Conscript isn’t as bad, next.












pack 6: Speaking of, Spiritleash is a super powerful pump spell with a drawback that isn’t much. Vyric’s Embrace is super solid with the incidental life gain and better effect than Ghastly Touch at level 1 makes it sweet. Aegis Pulse is bad, Sparkblade Assassin is fine,his level 1 is meh, the level two is huge and the level 3 is meh. Steelgraft is better than Aegis Pulse but not much else can be said for it.  I have two ways to take advantage of Spritileash already and it’s the most powerful.












pack 7: Electro Net is fine, Vengeful Spirit is solid. Omnomnom is unplayable in this deck. Organ Harvester is a card I like maybe more than I should, when you’re ahead or even it’s good. When you’re behind it’s bad granted but it’s a card I like having 1 of.












pack 8: Nyrali Symbiote is meh, but he’s the best thing here. Necrovive doesn’t do anything and Metamind Explorer is end of pack chaff.












pack 9: Drake is the wrong Allied combination and Grave Ghast has more regen. I go with the Ghast cause they’re close enough in this deck but ghast is better.












pack 10: Heavy Artillery is okay but I don’t want a 3rd spell at this point, Alpha it is.












pack 11: Onxyium Maruader is pretty sweet since he’s hard to kill and a good target for to Voltron up. Vault Technician is solid. Alloyin General is meh, his ability and his body don’t syngerize well in draft. Necrotic Wurm is fairy bad, I’ve played him for some success but I’m never happy that I have it other a lot of things. Grimgaunt Spectre is okay and Tower Scout is pretty bad. Marauder easy.












pack 12: Witherfrost Banshee is just the best card here. Vault Blockade is a good defensive card but I’m not really in the market for that. Steelwielder Medic is okay and Metasight is bad.













pack 13:  Ghastly Renewal is too weak to be effective, Spark bot is fine, Forgeplate Sentry is a tad underwhelming at level 1 and gets really good at 2 and 3 still.











pack 14: Nexus Core doesn’t do anything whereas Sap can be super annoying. Sap is the pick easy.












pack 15: 2nd Organ Harvester is weird but I like it more than Grimgaunt Spectre.












pack 16: Anvillion Enforcer is analogous to the guys with high regen in that it’s meant to be a good baseline to stack up pump, which is nowhere near where this deck is going. Group Meal is really powerful, it affects multiple lanes and is exactly what you want from a spell.












pack 17: Stasis Warden is just bad in draft. Alloyin General is not great, his boost and his body don’t really mesh all that well together. Marrow Fiend is a fine underdrop. Necrovive is a good way to keep a bomb alive. Scrapforge Titan is insane and just wins games on his own. There is very little that I will take over the Titan, mainly Legendaries, Battle Tech, and WWP.












pack 18: Xithian Crusher is a bit like Stonefist Giant in that an unremarkable level 1 pays off in higher than average level 2 and 3. but a death of rule of 6 cards is alarming at this rate so i just take the Zombie Infantry.












pack 19: If there is a Darkheart Wanderer deck,this isn’t it. Corpse Crawler can be solid at all points in the game and I’d rather a tricky creature then a spell when my rate of spells is fine.












pack 20: Windmill slam that Ebonskull Knight.












pack 21:  Contagion Surge isn’t where i want to be, the level one is hard to get value out of and i don’t have a plethora of leveres to cheat it to level 2. Duskspire Zombie isn’t where I want to be with another high regen dude. Darkshaper Savant has some synergies with my underdrops and spells already and it’s powerful, easy pick.












pack 22:There’s not really a whole lot I can Tarsian Pact for value so that’s out. Gloomspire Wurm is bad as it only works when you’re ahead and if your opponent stabilizes it’s a waste of a level. Hungering Strike is really good but I’m just going to go with the second Marauder here.











pack 23: Metamind Operator is a good blocker but he tapers off a bit at level 3. Forcefield is just bad. Metatransfer is really good, it levels something and it impacts the board, often in a way that’s more meaningful than Technosmith at level 1. In general I like having one to smooth out my draws, but with a Scrapforge Titan it has more value.












pack 24: Ossuary Spirit is just like Duskspire Zombie, high regen and not what i want. Death Current is a mostly unconditional removal spell that’s kinda like Bonescythe Reaver in my opinion.












pack 25: Gloomreaper witch is an underwhelming creature that can sometimes 2 for 1 and comboes with a few of the cards we already have.












pack 26: Xithian Hulk is a perfectly fine vanilla creature, which is something I don’t have much at all. The gloomfiend is pretty strong but I’d rather just have some solid numbers. None of these other cards are worth considering much as I don’t want seconds of the good to okay cards and I don’t want a bad card.












pack 27: Grave Pact is really bad since it requires so much to get it to work. Technosmith is a card I always want 1 of and it’s not even much of a question here since everything else is either bad or meh.












pack 28: Vault Tech is a fine card and one of the best rule of 6 cards at common. Lightshield Patrol can be really powerful but I prefer him in A/U where there’s more pump. The other two cards are fine but not as good as Vault Tech.












pack 29: Well one on hand a 3rd Organ Harvester feels sketchy but it is removal on a body. There’s a case to be made for Metasight but I’m in the camp of rather not have it cause of how it’s bad.












pack 30: 2nd witch over 2nd sap.













Game 1 was a case of ‘curving out’ perfectly. I played all level 2 in PL 2 and won the game handily in PL3. Game 2 my opponent was removal heavy to keep my stuff off the board and played a powerful N/T deck where I did to multiple Seimsic Adepts on the field. Game 3 I don’t really remember to be honest but I won it. Game 4 was against a sweet T/A deck that  I kept in check through a lot of Organ Harvesters and some luck. It was clearly the MVP of the draft and having 3 of them was in fact pretty sweet. Overall the deck was really fun to play as a more dedicated control deck then I normally play.

Feedback of any kind goes into the comments, until next time.

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