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Some thoughts on the forthcoming BSG movie

In case you missed it, Universal is rebooting BSG as a movie…for reasons. Remaking something that’s only five years past it’s finale seems suspect.  What is the point is why reboot this at all and why make it a movie?

Well first of all, I’m thankful that this is a reboot and not another appendage on the RDM series. it was getting very cluttered, as the reveal of Blood and Chrome showed; as well as the fact that I found Caprica far more enjoyable when I treated it as more of a spiritual prequel than a literal one. This means we have a clean slate, although this does raise the question of how clean is it? By that I mean this is the third iteration of the concept, what do you include and what’s exclusive to each series?

In terms of characters here’s what you have for sure: Adama, Tigh, Apollo, Zak, Starbuck, Adar, Baltar. The reason this is the core is that all of these characters were used in both series and aren’t named Cain, who was a guest star in both. Everything else is really up in the air. Especially when you consider how amorphous the setting can be: there are Cylons, they wiped out most of humanity, now the remnants have the Battlestar Galactica to protect them as they search for the 13th Colony of Kobol, Earth. The salient details are totally up in the air. Although given how influential nuBSG was, there will be some sort of civilian government and associated tensions.

The military/civilian tensions and the other topical issues from nuBSG that made it linked to its cultural zeitgeist is part of the reason why it gained the following that it did. Updating it for 2014 isn’t that hard. The reason I say this is that nuBSG laid out a fairly good way to do so in the episode “Hero” also known as one of those episodes from season 3 that you forget cause nothing happened.  The concept of an effectively rogue military organization and the ramifications thereof is a rather good starting point.  Not only that but it’s concise, it favors the movie format. Make a drone analog the reason that tipped the war in the Cylons’ favor and you’re good to go.

There’s not much to be said about the other elements. The special effects will no doubt be amazing, given what the show was able to do on a tv budget with things like the Battle of New Caprica. I’d like it if Bear McCreary was again the composer, but that’s just as much a factor of I really like him as a composer. As someone who actually likes shakycam,  I wouldn’t mind more of it.

In short, I”m cautiously optimistic about this. It could be good and there’s a lot of good material to use as a springboard. If it’s bad, then it’s bad, can’t say I really care.


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