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Review: Battlestar Galactica: the Boardgame

what is it: A semi cooperative game wherein the remnants of humanity are trying to survive against the onslaught of the Cylons, both from within and without

great what does that mean: Everyone picks a character from the show and is dealt a hidden loyalty card. This determines whether they are human, or cylon. The game plays out in turns as the players must respond to the crises that are constantly happening as well as the sabotage of Cylons. Humans win if they get away, Cylons win if they kill humanity.

scaling: The game is built with 5 players in mind and everything else is an adjustment of varying quality to get it to work. 1-3 is technically possible but not advised. 4 is okay but I’d rather play something else. 6 is the upper limit and is decent. if it is a 4/6 player game I highly recommend the No Sympathizer variant on FFG’s website.

Play time: 3-4 hours is the average.

production quality: It’s a FFG game so that means a lot of components. Most of the components are durable although you’ll probably want to invest in sleeves for the skill cards depending on how much play it gets as they’re the most fickle and most used set of cards.

what’s good: The rules are rather simple oncce you get past the initial hurdle, it has interesting decision points and it’s memorable. It’s really well balanced.
what’s not good: The lack of variety makes card counting easy, the game can drag on at times with nothing happening. Who you play with makes or breaks the game.

overall 5/5. BSG is in my top three boardgames easily.

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