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Solforge Musings

So Solforge has been out for a while, I have a better idea of how cards play out better, and some other thoughts. So let’s get into it.


Storm Bringer is actually pretty good.

Level locked removal is miserable. Botanimate isn’t that great unless you’re spell heavy.

Wildwood Sower is really powerful.

Doomwing Dire Drake is pretty rough against something that isn’t Tempys based.


Shapers will be changed to only trigger off of their own faction. This is a good thing to deal with how oppressive N/T Shapers as a deck is. However buffing Flamespeaker Savant despite knowing how powerful 4 damage at lvl 2 and 7 damage at lvl 3 seems like a dubious move. There are some changes that people have found by playing around with the game’s code but as far as i know that’s the only one confirmed.

Speaking of updates: tournament play will hit this month hopefully. Drafting should be fun, constructed is another issue though. Part of the reason that N/T Shapers is such an oppressive deck is because it’s fairly easy to build.  This is a result of most people are playing Sealed, they only have access to the cards they opened, no trading is possible. Until trading is possible, Constructed just means you can either built the best deck because you have all the cards or you can cobble something together that’s creative. At the very least, drafting will give players more cards.


I wish there was more to say, but there isn’t really. Update is taking longer than expected to come out and as of right now things are kinda stagnant. Until next time.

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