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Review: Munchkin

What is it: A satirical look at tabletop roleplaying games and those who forsake any sort of immersion in the name of building the most busted character

Great what does that mean: Players are characters in a roleplaying game who are traversing a dungeon in order to become the most powerful(level 10) by getting the best gear while making sure that no one else beat them to it while cutting the right deals to get ahead.

Scaling: 3-6. The more the better, with more than 6 there are some component limitations

Production quality: Average. The cards are fine, if you play it often enough you’ll want to sleeve them. Biggest problem is that the box is pretty bad, doesn’t come with any dividers and not that hard to break.

What’s good: It’s casual, it’s quick, it’s simple, it’s humorous. While there is some backstabbing it’s hard to become so invested in the game that you actually care. They’re good about churning out different flavors and expansions so you can laugh at your favorite thing and add plenty of variety to the game.

What’s not good: The game has two really bad parts. The first is the beginning of the game where you and the table as a whole have so little in terms of gear that it’s tricky to kill anything and actually get the game moving. The second is the end of the game where usually more than one player is at level 9 and thus needs to gain only one more level. The first player in this boat will fight something and everyone will throw everything they have at the player in order to stop them and will probably succeed. If nothing else it is anticlimactic and there’s little that could be done about it. On top of that the game has a tendency to drag on, compounding all of these problems.

Overall: 2/5. I’m not opposed to playing it, but I won’t go out of my way to do so. Ultimately it suffers from subpar gameplay as well as one of my problems with Mansions of Madness is that rolpelaying games shouldn’t be mixed with board gamrs. If you’re not that competitive however and want a more social game then it’s not a bad fit.

Munchkin at BGG

Munchkin at Amazon

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