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Revolution: It’s Almost like I don’t Know this Show Anymore

Long term readers would know that Revolution was a show that I watched to relish in how terrible it was in just about every aspect. And since it came back form hiatus this is less true. This isn’t to say that it’s good but by and large it seems to be on a trajectory of escaping its worst elements. This can be attributed to the show’s lack of quality being noticed by show’s creators and spending the hiatus refocusing it. There are a number of things that have improved so let’s break them down.

Tone: In general the show has shifted to be more action based and for lack of a better term pulpy in tone. Instead of miring itself in half baked bleak padding it has decided to make the characters more proactive, and the situations more interesting and meaningful.

Flashbacks: There are a lot less of them and instead of having them each episode because the episode demands it, they’re only used when it helps the story.

Charlie: One of the worst elements was Charlie’s inability to act and the show’s insistence that we side with her over Miles. She has gotten better as an actress but is also being sidelined so that issue is solved. While her sudden ability to act is rather jarring, it is much appreciated compared to her previous incompetence and naivety.

Miles: Miles is still the most interesting character on the show and by shifting the focus onto him helps.

The rest of the Characters: Are actually growing as characters or being pushed to the sidelines. Monroe, Tom, and Jason all fall into the first category. Aaron and Nora fall into the latter category as they have little characterization and their functions have been shifted to others. Both Randall and Rachel are basically new character so they don’t apply to this divide except to say that they’re kinda nuts.

The Rebels and the Republic: Making the rebels a central focus of the show instead of that odd dangling plot point that was never really used to its fullest potential is one of the key points that makes this show better. Downplaying the more outlandish elements of the Republic as a setting and showing that some difference has helped.

The Blackout: The insistence on actually explaining the blackout and all the associated nonsense with it is still the show’s weakest point. However given the set up they had to work with given the first half of the season it’s about as good as could be expected. Although it seemed to be better when they seemed to be going for a more in depth The Stand allusion.

All that said though, the acting isn’t the best, the writing can be still be terrible at times and show’s technical elements can be rather embarrassing at times.  Even if most things have changed, some things never do.

So would I say this show is good? No, it is rather average in quality now. Does it have the potential to be good? Yes, while it would require more refocusing and changes to happen in my opinion it is still a possibility. Will I keep watching? Also yes. Only way to find out how this plays out and if my optimism is warranted or not.

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