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Review: Carcassone

Sorry for the lack of a post last week, schoolwork was in a bit of a crunch last week and I couldn’t spare the brainpower to come up with something good.

what is it: A tile and worker placement game with the goal of building the greatest things in the area/city of Carcassone in order to get the most victory points.

great what does that mean: Tiles that represent monasteries, roads, farms and castles which are placed in order to build them. When you place a tile you can also place one of your workers if the structure has not been claimed by another player. Once a structure is completed i.e. there is no room for it grow then the workers are returned and points are allotted. Game ends when you run out of tiles.

scaling:2-5 players.  I’ve played mainly 2 players due to time constraints but its balanced at all players.

production quality: Acceptable, they don’t stand out in either direction.

what’s good: Simple, few pieces yet still deep gameplay. If you get bored of the base game there are a number of expansions to spice it up.

what’s not good: Scoring can be complicated, especially with farmers, variance is rather high.

Overall: 4/5. It plays quickly, is mostly easy with one exception ruleswise and scales well. What keeps it from a five is that while it’s a solid game it lacks the certain quality that is hard to define which makes it really stand out.

Carcassone at BGG

Carcassonne at Amazon

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