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Gatecrash Set Overview Part II

Here we are for the second part of my gatecrash overview, this isn’t anything in depth but rather my own personal thoughts on what the new set brings.

As always when it comes to limited go read Ars Arcanum and listen to Limited Resources, they won’t steer you wrong.


So it seems Simic is horrible in sealed but could be the closest thing to Selesnya in terms of smooth progressive game plan.

Orhoz makes suicide deck seem like a bad idea and extort is really freaking powerful.

Otherwise out of the gate all of the guild seems balanced.

Tempo is the name of the game, if you stumble you’re going to die.

Standard Pauper

The hexproof aura deck got worse as we now have an edict effect again. But that really didn’t stop it before, it just seems less dumb now that there’s an answer beyond race them or get lucky.

Conversely Mono Black got better with the addition of said edict as well as some other cards, mainly things with extort prinied on them.

Small Evolve creatures plus the stuff that Green and Blue already have is a deck that’s just asking to be made, it might not be good but the deck is there.

Prophetic Prism seems like a good way to do color fixing and will probably replace Transguild Promenade.

Boros Humans is also a deck that is asking to be made and I will probably run that regardless of how good it is.

By and by none of the cards really jump at me in a wow sort of way, but rather as a sort of topping to the format as it is now.

The reason for this post being so short is that unlike the last time I did this, mainly because I feel like I was lot more thorough this time around and I haven’t gotten a chance to play with the cards yet.

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