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Land, Land Everywhere, except when its not

Lands are one of the things that make Magic what it is. You need lands to play your spells and the main form of luck is in whether you get flooded/screwed on mana. While lands are the most boring part of Magic, they also guarantee that the game works.

What do I mean by lands are boring? Exactly that, lands aren’t spells, they don’t do cool things, they exist to let you do cool things. Which is why having the best art is important, you might as well have the versions that appeal to you. Leaving aside the lands that do more than that do in fact exist, they have a tendency of rare, which means that I usually don’t have any experience with them.* Lands annoy my inner Johnny and as a chronic result my Constructed decks tend to be short on lands. On the other hand fetchlands are awesome as they allow me to get more lands out of my deck, which means I’m more likely to draw spells and do cool things.

Of course lands being the way they are is very important, they’re the main way to have luck in the game. If you didn’t need lands then you could run all spells and run more spells which makes your deck consistent. Meaning that getting either mana screwed or mana flooded while being personally miserable is also good for he game as a whole. Pure skill in a game like Magic, where you are never just playing one game, but also the game of how you build your deck as well. I wasn’t playing Magic while Caw Blade was a thing but it sounds like an insufferable thing to play against but cool to watch two pros. Luck keeps the game accessible to newer players. So while  mana problems suck, they also make the game better. **


*Non basic lands should also have feasible land destruction for them and only them

**Tangent: people on mtgo who complain about the shuffler, that’s actual randomness at work, deal with it.

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