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Blood and Chrome: Well that’s a thing

For better or worse the re imagined BSG series was one of the big shows of my teenage years. While the series did leave a bad taste in my mouth I still feel the desire to watch more of it, which lead me to watching Caprica as well as Blood and Chrome. Of course one of the advantages that Blood and Chrome had was its something I had wanted to see since the mini series. The final product is…okay. It has its highlights and it also has the same cancerous stupidity that plagues this franchise. Beware of Spoilers ye who enter



The Good: Stylistically this show is very much in the BSGverse in that its a pretty show*. While some of the special effects are a bit choppy towards the end it doesn’t detract. The plot and characters are well written and well played for the most part; well the actors are fine, but I’ll be coming back to the story. William Adama is believable in that he will grow up to be the Commander.  The action scenes are rewarding.

The Annoying: Calling references to Caprica and never expounding on them. Which is really a problem when an mention of the Ha’la’tha has the roots of beginning a plot line that never goes anywhere.** Bringing up Graystone Industries actually has me wondering what happened to the company and the whole Daniel Graystone plot; a show shouldn’t make me more interested in other shows. Which can be said for this as a whole, its trying to be both a pilot and a self contained thing but the result is somewhat of a dud. The technological downgrade that is talked about in BSG hasn’t happened yet so seeing the CIC elicits a more of a ‘what the hell am I looking at?” then any sort of nostalgia. Holobands have a similar problem although at this point it just seems that the writers don’t care about that detail from the original series. Or the Twelve Colonies undergo a Butlerian Jihad after the war.


The oh dear god, the stupid it burns:  Speaking of things the writers forgot, we can add the flashback from Razor as well as the entire reason that the Final Five were able to do anything to stop the First Cylon War to the list. The fact that they can already create realistic cyborgs means that the entire thing is ridiculous. I was willing to be far more lenient about this in Caprica because 1. it wasn’t related to the main Cylon plot and could have given more exposition on why the Cylons want human forms anyway and 2. there was a brief scene to show that at all, there’s nothing to really judge and by the end of it I was willing to go along with it.  But here it was just dumb, really dumb.

Is it worth watching: Yes, its entertaining, just not the best thing I’ve watched. And in a strict comparison Forward Unto Dawn, which can be said to have encouraged SyFy to stop sitting on this, Forward Unto Dawn wins.

Would I watch it if it was a full blown series: Yep, its still exactly what I want and every pilot has its rough spots.

*Even at its worst this franchise is always stylistically pleasing

**I guess Bill Adama grew to hate his father after everyone asked about the Ha’la’tha

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