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Review: Reccetear: An Item Shop’s Tale

Capitalism ho!

Reccetear is an indie JRPG for the PC that you can buy through Steam. Based upon the last few steam sales its also one of those “franchises”* that will get a daily/flash deal price on it. So what does this strange game actually entail? Let’s get down to it.

Plot: So your dad ran off, took a huge loan and is presumed to be dead, or at the very least is lost. So you’re stuck paying the loan. While the loan company could just repossess the house its agent due to the power of friendship/narrativium has decided to help you by turning it into an item shop. Now you have to pay off the loan or you become homeless. Along the way you meet people and have adventures. The writing is light hearted and humorous.

Gameplay: There are two different modes in which you’ll be playing, the part where you run an item shop and the part where you go plundering dungeons for loot that you can sell for pure profit.

  • Item Shop: You lay out items in order to attract customers and then haggle with them. As you increase your merchant level you can do more things such as buy things form customers, redecorate your shop and have vending machines.
  • Dungeon:  this is rather standard action rpg stuff, you have a character who has a normal attack and a variety of special attacks. You kill stuff and take their loot. 

All of this has the end goal of paying off a larger amount of the debt each week. If you fail then its game over, but you can loop or start over. You get to keep just about everything other than your ending money, so it gets progressively easier.

User Interface: Perfectly serviceable, with the main complaint being that game was designed with a controller in mind. While you can use a keyboard with no problem, a mouse doesn’t do anything.

Sound: Generic jrpg sounds, if you like jrpgs then you know exactly what that means.

Replayability: Very High, its not that hard to clear the debt once you’ve looped once or twice. Instead a lot of the game’s value is in unlocking everything. There’s also survival mode, where the debt never ends and endless mode, where you can just play.

Final Thoughts: This is not a hard game for the most part. It is a fun game with plenty of content that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Final Grade: 4/5

*Its not so much a franchise so much as the translation company has their catalog lumped together.

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