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Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn is Better than it has any right to be


Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn is a web series meant to promote the next Halo game and can be seen here. When you get down to it that’s all has to do and the fact that’s a Halo game means that the bar to raising excitement isn’t all that hard. In spite of this they’re turned out an excellent web series that is better than a good many tv shows. The expectations game says that this shouldn’t be all that good, but it is. So let’s look at why. Beware of spoilers for Forward Unto Dawn

Well first there’s the fact that Halo in general has always had a good story, sure parts of it are duds but that’s true for any fictional universe with enough stuff in it. Good storytelling has never eluded the Haloverse.

The production qualities are good, the sets are good, the background CGI is good, the props are good. They also make due with conservation of these details. A good example is the Covenant ships appearing at the end of episode three, only 10 seconds at most but they leave an impression.

The acting isn’t bad, bad acting stands out more than good acting to me so it’s good enough for me.

Most of the story is good, the beginning parts of Chief being found are really more in line with traditional promo material and only the Cortana bit from ep. 3 stood out but that has more to do with building off of existing plot lines. The core of the story that’s technically a flashback is where it shines. The writers have presented a tight story and know how to tell it well. it also has a nuBSG feel to it and is going to make me more inclined to it.*

In a way I’m sad that this is only a five part web series but if it was longer then the quality might decrease. So instead I’ll just hope that more shows with this level of quality.

*nuBSG first two seasons+New Caprica and choice two parter in season four is some of my favorite tv. the rest of the series is some of my most hated.

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