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Return to Ravnica Set Overview Part II

While I was planning on doing a set review, other time commitments got in the way of doing it. Also other, better players have done that. Instead I’m just going to offer some more general thoughts and some helpful links.

I highly recommend reading this article due to the mathematical approach.  If you have the time then listen to Limited Resources do their common and uncommon set review, link here. There are numerous other places but those two that are my favorites.

I feel like I covered most of what I wanted to say last week but I’ll add some caveats. Izzet seems like the worst guild to me upon closer inspection of the cards, it doesn’t really have as much strength as the other guilds. Selesneya is better given the quality of token making you can get. Perhaps the biggest one is that Green is the only color that is going to allow you to do crazy color things; otherwise it seems more along the lines of conventional drafting with 2 colors, third as a splash. Only getting the two colors to work is really important, but you have time to get them to work since it seems like its going to be a slow format.

Anyone reading this who is going to a paper prerelease, good luck. I’m going to whirl around in limbo for the next two weeks until Return to Ravnica hits mtgo

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