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Review: Resident Evil Deck building Game

What is it: You play as characters from the Resident Evil franchise and go hunt zombies while improving your arsenal so you can kill stronger and stronger zombies.

Great what does that mean: You pick/deal out characters who have their own abilities and improve as they kill zombies. There are action cards and weapons in play in a Dominion set up that you use to improve your deck and go through the Mansion deck to kill zombies. The goal of the game is to get the most points and  kill the final boss to end the game.

Scaling: There isn’t any sort of sweet number here so 1-4 works depending on your needs.

Production Quality: The cards are what you expect from a card game. the packaging is utterly horrible though.

What’s good: It’s clearly inspired from Dominion but does enough things differently that it feels like its own game. Character abilities and random weapons make the game somewhat asymmetrical. It can also be played in solitaire mode. While there are expansions the base game is perfectly functional on its own.

What’s not so good: This game isn’t the most balanced in the world. It takes a while for the game to just end as you try to get enough power to kill the final two cards in the Mansion deck.  The non standard cards work better when you use the listed option in the book instead of randomly selecting them due to how narrow they are. It also doesn’t play well with expansions as my experience with alliance and what I read about the other two is that they revolve around their own special mechanics that break down if they’re diluted. The card formatting is also somewhat poor.

Overall: 2/5, it’s not a bad game but it’s not a good game either.  It falls into the I’d play it but I wouldn’t suggest it category.  In regards to buying I’d say buy something else, there are better games out there.

Resident Evil DBG at BGG

Resident Evil DBG at Amazon

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