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I’ve watched as Kickstarter has grown over the past year or so into being such a force for crowdsourcing and allowing plenty of projects to get off the ground that would have never been created otherwise.  However I hadn’t pledged to any of them until Solforge came along for several reasons. The concept appealed to me, Gary Games and Richard Garfield both have proven their skill at game design, and even though the game will be free; the rewards are nice.

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  1. David Winchester ⋅

    I’m a Solforge backer as well. Like you, I see a lot of potential in the mechanics of this game. I definitely see a lot of Ascension in this, and love the transformation mechanics. I haven’t had a chance to review this project in my blog yet, but regular Kickstarter and gaming articles there are in spades. Which of the features/factions intrigue you the most?

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