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Review: Dominion and expansions

Last week I wrote about what I consider to be Dominion as a complete game. This week I’d figured I would review it. 

What is it: Your parents were nobles of little account who didn’t improve their holding, they’re dead and now you’re in charge. Being more ambitious you decide to

Great what does that mean: You spend your turn using the cards in your hand to play Action cards, then play out your money cards and buy more cards to improve your deck. The ultimate goal is to get more victory points than your opponent.

Scaling: I find it handles best at 2 players, 3-4 is good, 5-6 you’re really pushing it and should probably play something else.

Production Quality: The cards are durable and feel solid. The boxes are also durable with the set up being clear in how cards are stored. It should be noted that if you want to save space than you’re going to want to invest some storage solution, use google to look around for which you prefer.

What’s good: There’s strategy, it plays smoothly and quickly, you don’t have to be totally committed to a game but you can also socialize. The game has a certain layer of customization in regards to which kingdom cards are used, which can help stop unfun games from being played.

what’s not good: For better or worse Dominion is more about skill then relying upon variance, playing against bad players means that it’s going to be a trainwreck. One of the areas that the game does have high variance is with the kingdom card set up which can effecct who good the game will be.  The flavor is poor (while the card names are somewhat thematic each expansion is grouped with a mechanical theme) and the you ideally want two expansions to avoid the issue of Big Money being the predominant strategy.

Overall: 5/5, Dominion is one of my favorite games and it’s weaknesses, assuming you like the idea of a deck building game, are not insurmountable.

Dominion and expansions at BGG

Dominion and expansions at Amazon

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