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M13 Full Set released impressions

So Monday saw the full set of m13 getting revealed and while I was originally going to do a full set review, card by card, the formatting got eaten by wordpress. So I’ll just do something more general. I’m also probably not going to draft m13 unless I hear good things about since I need to save my money; and why draft something that isn’t DII or as good as DII when I still have the ability?

First, the art for this set is all around good and nice to look at. The flavor pulls from a bunch of different places as well.

In terms of actually drafting, Green on first look seems to be the best color due to creature quality, Rancor, and Prey Upon. Mainly since the first point allows the second and third point to be utilized. The worst color seems to be blue, since the creatures are bad and the noncreature spells are either hit or miss. Avoid blue as your main color if you can. I’m not all that fond of red, but that could just be a matter of personal preference. White seems solid and has some good removal. Black seems to really want to be monoblack but I imagine it’s playable in a way that Black in AVR isn’t.

I don’t know what to make of Exatled, mainly since I wasn’t around during Alara

Core Sets aren’t known for being synergistic, so archetypes are more along the lines of drafting the strongest things you can. The only unusual thing might be a mill deck that works off of taking stuff no one else wants. Otherwise, hope you’re in green, try to stay away from blue. And Nicol Bolas probably isn’t playable. In terms of speed I think it’s going to be slower than AVR but still on the fast side.


Let’s see how my predictions pan out this weekend from reports from the prelease. I’m probably going to be mostly wrong, but this is a good start in starting to think about sets a bit more critically. Return to Ravnica I’ll figure out how to do a full set review without wordpress eating the formatting.

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