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Legend of Korra: Turning the Tides

Beware ye who enter for spoilers regarding Avatar the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra; you have been warned  


So the last episode before the finale and it sets that up really well, in a way that the franchise hasn’t really done outside of Avatar’s season finale in Sozin’s Comet. Mainly due to the fact that Sozin’s Comet is an hour and a half long and the Waterbending Master and the Guru didn’t have the same structure to work off of. Nonetheless  it was awesome.

So the whole Tarrlok/Yakone thing is probably the seed for season two given how quickly it got pushed aside by Amon declaring all out war by bombing the city.Which is a really great way to show that Amon is evil, there’s no reason to suspect that aerial bombing is anymore precise than it was in WWII so he’s just killing people. And Hiroshi Sato’s entire existence shows that non benders aren’t denied wealth. So yeah, I guess once you have enough forces you can kill everyone who isn’t with you and take over.

Speaking of Equalists, they basically have three advantages and I think this episode does a really good job in showing them, numbers, surprise, and new toys. Lin ad Tenzin’s fights show that they can hold their own but numbers will overpower them. Surprise is rather straight forward and the new toys were in the form of the magnets used by the mechs. Seeing as how Team Avatar+Tenzin dealt those mechs plus foot soldiers no problem. Speaking of that fight, two points: 1. I really like Tenzin, so more of him is always a good thing; as is seeing airbending in a way that well Aang never really did. 2. Living in Republic City requires an insane amount of discipline if Mako can also redirect lightning. Also with the exception of Sparky Sparky Boom Man, I think that’s every new technique that was created during Avatar or seen as new on Avatar.

So Mako and Asami are really getting the short end of the stick with only twelve episodes to work with, and they’re probably not getting any screentime relationship wise in the finale. The whole relationship is just getting rushed and works more by reading tv shorthand than something that actual people do.  Speaking of Asami, I like she’s the resident non bender and different than Sokka. While the other three members of Team Avatar don’t map to the GAang due to bending differences, Asami feels like her own character. Which is something you really see with her fight scene, more training and more precise than Sokka.

The episode really becomes about Lin once she gets to the island and says she’ll protect Tenzin’s family. It’s a really enjoyable sequence all things considered. It’s also a really well done emotional set piece.  While ti works really well as a self contained thing, Lin needs to remain a part of the cast for it have consequence outside of this episode.


And new Iroh sounds just like Zuko, which has given me the theory that the reason for Republic City have representation based on everything not Republic City is due to the fact they control a multinational task force. Which makes sense as a part of not having the 100 year war repeat itself, or Chin the Conqueror etc. Which in a way adds to my desire for Korra to go global so we can see how the rest of the world is working. Also seeing as how season two is probably going to be about the spirit world it could give a reason to travel.

Also wasn’t Naga unable to carry all of Team Avatar?


All in all I really liked this episode aside from the relationship stuff. Now to wait for the two part season finale, which shouldn’t disappoint given this show’s track record.




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