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M13 Spoiler Season

Ah summertime, school’s out, the weather’s nice, and oh yeah it’s time for another spoiler season of mtg. I tend to use mtgs since I lurk there now and then anyway.  With a passing interest in pauper the most this set is really going to mean to me is anyway new cards they print and reprint( I can always hope of a reprint of serrated arrows and rancor can’t I?) Exalted being the set mechanic will help that along, mainly since gold cards aren’t really a thing in core sets. I have no plans in drafting this since I can still do DII on mtgo or I can just wait for RTR, which is going to either be awesome or bitter disappointment.

All that being said, spoiler season is still fun because I’m a lurker and when not reading posts by hostile jackass on the internet, it’s fun. So happy spoiler season everyone.



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