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Avacyn Restored Limited Thoughts

So MTGO finally has AVR up and I’ve done a few drafts in order to stave off boredom and to see if I like the format.  The first point has been succesful, the second one not so much.

First some background: I started playing Magic in October/November of last year and have been doing some drafts periodically on MTGO.  While at first I really sucked at triple ISD, I got the hang of it and can at least acquit myself well. It’s also really fun(I can’t say if it’s a fun format or not because I have no frame of reference) Also I know I suck.

AVR on the other hand? Well my first draft went well but every since it’s been kinda disastrous, and by kinda I mean really.  At least I kinda know what I’m doing wrong, but that’s not much of a consolation.

So in AVR there are two really important things that weren’t so important in DII. One of them is the actual drafting part and the other is mulligan. I’ll break down these two parts.

When it comes to the actual draft, I seem/know I’m not reading the signals right or picking sloppily. These are always important things, but in AVR they really matter because of several factors. First, the cards are bad taken as a whole and in a vacuum.  But in the set there are good and bad cards, just more of the latter than the former. So your picks are really important.  This is not only compounded by the card quality, but also by the fact that changing colors is really hard. Add in the fact that mana fixing is really  rare, off the top of my head I can think of four cards that help with this, and two of them are rares. One last point, not all colors are created equal, go check out this article for some mathematical breakdown.  It should be noted that Mark Rosewater has stated that black is the hardest to play, which might stabilize once people understand the format.  And if people are avoiding it like the plague then it should be easy to get the good pieces.

The other issue that stands out is when to mulligan. Tempo is the name of the game, and your hand needs to reflect this, so hands that were playable in DII may not be in AVR. It’s another thing to learn about.


In all of the games of AVR I’ve played, I can’t really say I’ve had fun in the same way that I did with DII. The format hasn’t really grabbed me. In the few drafts I’ve done I’ve also picked up close to playsets of stuff that seems to be worthwhile in pauper(I’ve been slowly building up a pauper collection so I can get into that, the fact that I’m cheap kinda hurts this progress)

Until next time, this is good people saying horrible things.


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